LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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The LED Flame Effect Light Bulb, is the safe and ideal alternative to an open fire or candle. Artificial, but realistic, this Flame LED Bulb features the dynamic movement of a real flame, to perfectly simulate that of natural flames. The flame light is vivid, but without the risks associated with real fire.

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb



USAGE RECOMMENDATION: For better flame flickering effectiveness, we recommend installing the bulb in a frosted glass shade, lantern, salt lamp etc. The artificial vivid fire is a wonderful and SAFE replacement to a traditional gas lantern.

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APPLICATION: Great for home decoration, bedrooms, living rooms, outdoor gardens, pumpkin decorations, and general holiday decorations. The warm flame colors decorate your space and give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing look.

The Flame LED Bulb emits a natural warm glow, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere for your family. The visual effect of the flame is vivid, just like a real burning fire! The fantastic technology and high quality finish allow you to enjoy the natural flame effect without any risk.

LED Flame Effect Light Bulb




  • Less power-consuming LED light source, saves you money on your energy bill! It's the perfect replacement for dangerous oil lamps and lanterns.
  • Decorate your space with its realistic flame-like effect. Provide your home with a sense of peace, romance and relaxation.
  • Precise color, close to the color of a real flame! The perfect alternative to a traditional candle. The flickering flame gives your home a cozy feel in winter, without the danger of an open flame.
  • Fantastic technology and high quality finish, enjoy the natural flame effect without any risk.
  • Ideally suitable for home decoration, bedroom, living room, bars, hotels, nightclubs, outdoor gardens, restaurants, cafes, villas, wedding decorations, parties, churches, castles and so on.
  • Material: ABS (includes one light bulb)